Painting Services to Meet Your Needs

We specialize in residential painting services and are fully committed to every job we take and take pride in our work, gaining much personal satisfaction from our quality painting services and the way we fulfill the expectations of our customers to completion.
When you call Blue Rainbow Painting for a free estimate, we do all that we can to accommodate your budget to keep it fair for both of us.
Before we start painting your house exterior, we will pressure-wash it and do any caulking needed. The paint and materials used in your paint project are included in our estimate.
We use superior, top-quality paint, and you have the option to select a different grade of paint if you wish with a one year warranty on our services.
Our residential painting services include:
  • exterior staining & painting
  • interior painting & staining
  • staining & sealing woodwork
  • stairway painting or staining
  • kitchen cabinet painting & staining
  • fence painting
  • bathroom kitchen painting
  • porch and deck painting
  • trim painting
  • lacquer and sealer painting

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Preparing for Interior Painting

For Interior Paint Prep the homeowner will have removed their wall decor items, and covered or moved furniture away from the wall, or removed to another room.

Cover floors with drop cloths and patch the holes (unless you want to leave them to return your wall decor to the same spot), and repair any small wall indentations (from door knobs, etc.),  scuff or sand the surfaces and wash areas that need cleaning and prime the areas to be painted, (walls, ceilings, etc.), as needed.

The homeowner will make certain all pets and children are safely out of the way of the painting process.


Selecting Your Paint Colors

Just go to a paint store and make your selection so you can provide us with the color name and number. It's as easy as that. (Some paint stores even have online tools for selecting colors, but be sure to take the step to see the color samples in person at the store, because colors appear differently on various computer monitors.)

When you are making a selection, keep in mind that dark colors make walls recede and light colors advance, so if you're painting a narrow room and want it to look wider, paint the end walls a darker color than the long walls. To make a small room look larger, the lighter colors of paint help with that, while darker colors make a room look smaller.

We are happy to use the brand of paint you want us to use, but we will also make recommendations and give you honest reviews on different brands of paint.

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